v 5.1 - 19th February, 2019
  • Fixed BreadCrumbs in IE
  • Fixed Right slide out issue of IE
  • Fixed Todo Select All IE issue
  • Fixed Chat image IE issue
  • Fixed Datatable View in IE
  • Fixed Collapse Icon of menu for IE
  • Fixed Pricing page icon issue in IE
  • Fixed Modal popup for IE
  • Fixed Fullscreen issue from IE
v 5.0 - 11th February, 2019

This release is the major update of the Materialize Admin as the Materializecss framework v1.0.0 released. Please follow Upgrade to v1.0.0 from v0.100.1 before you proceed with the upgrade.

  • Added new vertical modern & dark menu templates
  • Added theme customizer for customization & preview template in real time
  • Added new vertical dark menu template
  • Added new menu active style
  • Added modern dashboard with clean and modern look & feel
  • Added chat, todo, contact & ecommerce applications
  • Added search, knowledge base & faq pages
  • Added new advanced & extended cards
  • Added all the framework components useful html,css & js code
  • Added new components & options as per Materializecss framework
  • Added form wizard with vertical & horizontal example
  • Added intro section for landing page of admin template
  • Materializecss framework upgraded to v1.0.0
  • Improved folder structure to make it easy to utilize
  • Upgraded all the third party vendors & library
  • Improved Email & Calendar app UI and functionality
  • Improved user profile & error pages design
  • Improved contact page UI
  • Improved right slide out UI and added chat support
  • Improved chart library and upgrade all the charts
  • Improve the document for upgraded folder structure usage and customization
  • Improve gulp tasks for the new folder structure
  • Fixed swipe to open menu in small screen
  • Fixed chartjs issues by upgrading it to latest stable version
  • Fixed form elements, validation & input mask related issues
  • Removed vertical overlay & fixed menu template
  • Removed grunt task runner support
  • Removed jsGrid, floatThead tables
  • Removed advance-ui-scrollfire as per framework change
  • Removed Morris, xChart & Flot charts
  • Removed AngularJS directive support (Angular 1.0)
v 4.0 - 18th October, 2017
  • New Themes : Collapsible Menu, Collapsible Semi Dark Menu
  • New Dashboard - dashboard-ecommerce.html
  • Advanced cards - advanced-cards.html
  • Advanced ui pulse - css-pulse.html
  • Feature discovery - ui-feature-discovery.html
  • CSS Transition - css-transitions.html
  • Carousel - ui-carousel.html
  • JS Transition - advanced-ui-transitions.html
  • UI Advanced Buttons - ui-buttons-extended.html
  • Dropdown - advance-ui-dropdown.html
  • Scrollfire - advance-ui-scrollfire.html
  • Scrollspy - advance-ui-scrollspy.html
  • Add new layouts pages for light, dark, semi-dark, fixed footer and collapsible menu options
  • Added support for jQuery 3
  • Added Time Picker
  • Added XL breakpoint
  • Added Pulse CSS effect
  • Added Feature Discovery component
  • Added FABs in image cards
  • Added swipeable tabs
  • Added autocomplete integration with chips
  • Added class method to dismiss all toasts
  • Added callbacks to side nav
  • Added instance method to remove specific toasts
  • Added ability to remove autocompelete data
  • Added container option for time picker
  • Tab accessibility for date picker
  • Validation styling support added for many form components
  • Added carousel destroy
  • Added close on select option for date picker
  • Added support for custom active elements in scrollspy
  • Basic horizontal cards
  • Sidenav and Modals no longer cause flicker with scrollbar
  • Materialbox overflow and z-index issues fixed
  • Added new option for Card actions within a Card reveal
  • Materializecss framework upgraded to v0.100.1
  • Updated styling for Date Picker
  • Updated styling for switches
  • Autocomplete: renamed and moved options to autocompleteOptions
  • Range slider supports keyboard navigation
  • Upgraded noUiSlider to version 9 with support for vertical sliders
  • Improved tabs compatibility with cards
  • Refactored Modal plugin
  • Tabs now supported in navbar
  • Chips data can now be reinitiailized
  • Updated sidenav styles and new component
  • Changed /font directory to /fonts
  • Datepicker and ScrollSpy now compatible with jQuery 2.2.x
  • css-icons.html --> ui-icons.html
  • advanced-ui-chips.html - > ui-chips.html
  • ui-toasts.html -> advance-ui-toasts.html
  • ui-tooltip.html -> advance-ui-tooltip.html
  • ui-waves.html -> advance-ui-waves.html
  • ui-tabs.html -> advance-ui-tabs.html
  • ui-collapsibles.html -> advance-ui-collapsibles.html
  • ui-carousel.html -> advance-ui-carousel.html
  • ui-transitions.html -> advanced-ui-transitions.html
  • Renamed Plugins folder to Vendors and moved to root folder
  • Fixed bug where modal triggers could not contain child elements
  • Fixed bug with right alignment option for dropdown
  • Added fix for validation messages being mispositioned when input is empty
  • Allow select native browser validation error messages
  • Modal open no longer initializes plugin
  • Fixed bug where modal open did not use initialized options
  • Modal-trigger class required for modal trigger elements
  • Fixed waves persisting bug
  • Waves no longer throws error on svg elements
  • Fixed side nav callback bugs
  • Fixed carousel image loading bug
  • Full width carousel now resizes height on resize
  • Fixed multiple bugs with jQuery outerWidth on Linux
  • Fixed cursor blinking on select on iOS
  • Fixed search form styling in navbar
  • Fixed label animation on date picker
  • Browser errors now show up on radio buttons and checkboxes
  • Fixed dynamic textarea resize bug
  • Fixed collapsible preselect bug
  • Fixed dropdown event bubbling bug
  • Fixed range position inaccuracies
  • Fixed feature discovery mobile styles
  • Fixed carousel reinitialize bugs
  • Fixed grid offset bug
  • Fixed various select bugs on mobile devices
  • Fixed small sideNav overlay bugs
  • Fixed carousel resizing bug
  • Fixed materialbox callback bug
  • Fixed carousel misalignment when switching quickly
  • Fixed carousel resize bug where slide widths wouldn't change when changing window size
  • Fixed bug where using backspace to delete chips would navigate back in certain browsers
  • Fixed dropdown options bug
  • Carousel bug fixes and new features
  • Responsive tables now work with empty cells
  • Added focus states to checkboxes, switches, and radio buttons
  • Removed deprecated material icons from project
v 3.1 - 28th January, 2016
  • Added a custom.scss file for making custom changes using SCSS.
  • Fixed navigation bar issue on small screen for Horizontal & full-screen layout
  • Fixed card reveal effect and make made it more smooth
  • Fixed chartist error on single pages like login, register etc..
v 3.0 - 12th December, 2015
  • Ready to use number of Angular directives, are handled by Angular in the right way. ( angular-materialize.html)
  • Language Translation (advanced-ui-translation.html)
  • Sweetalert for beautiful Modal popup (advanced-ui-sweetalert.html)
  • Shortable & Nestable (advanced-ui-nestable.html)
  • Range Selector (advanced-ui-range-slider.html)
  • Syntext Highlight (advanced-ui-highlight.html)
  • Advanced form validations (form-validation.html)
  • Input ttype mask (form-masks.html)
  • Drag & Drop file upload with customizable drop zone (form-file-uploads.html)
  • Updated new form elements (form-elements.html)
  • jsGrid - Lightweight Grid jQuery Plugin (table-jsgrid.html)
  • editableTable - turns any table into an editable spreadsheet. (table-editable.html)
  • floatThead - fixed table header plugin that requires no special CSS and supports (table-floatThead.html)
  • Material Chips (ui-chips.html)
  • Alerts & Warnings (ui-alerts.html)
  • Breadcrumbs (ui-breadcrumbs.html)
  • Accordions page change to Collapsible with new popout feature. (ui-accordions.html - > ui-collapsible.html )
  • CSS Animations (css-animations.html)
  • Hoverable healpers (css-helpers.html)
  • Updated Material FAB Buttons (ui-buttons.html)
  • Fixed popup close issue on click of popup out side (body) area.
  • Fixed the datatables row display select dropdown hide issue.
  • Fixed the floating button hover issue.
  • Fixed sparkline chaer hover stats background display issue.
  • Fixed the dount chart stats position.
  • Added the open close state menu icons and color.
  • Added notification dropdown and county flag dropdown for translation.
  • Fixed chart lag, scrollbar and map marker issues.
v 2.3 - 25th September, 2015
  • Update materialize the SASS files
  • Fixed Firefox dropdown menu support issues
  • e-Commerce product page fix

v 2.2 - 18th August, 2015
  • Improved Charts
  • Update materialize the SASS files
  • Fixed IE and Firefox support issues
  • Dashboard search fix and updates
v 2.1 - 11th June, 2015
  • 2 New layout added - Horizontal & Full Screen
  • New Page - Profile Page
  • New Page - Contact Page
  • New Page - ToDos Page
  • New Page - Blog Type 1 & 2 Page
  • New Page - Products Page
  • New Page - Pricing Page
  • New Page - Gallaery Page
  • New Page - Image Hover Page
  • Updated Material Search
  • Update materialize the SASS files
  • Fixed perfect scroll bar select to scroll issue
v 1.1 - 6th June, 2015
  • Add new floating action button
  • Update materialize the SASS files
  • Fix the trending chart lagging issue
v 1.0 - 20th March, 2015
  • Version 1.0 released on 20th March 2015.